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Dad’s is Manila’s premier Moving and Storage Company recently founded by a number of seasoned veterans who have worked in this market for decades. Our aim is to ensure the best possible service for each of our clients while at the same time providing rates that are fair and competitive.

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What sets our team apart, is the care we bring to each move, and the patience and skill to carefully package each item with the right materials, and then to know instinctively how and where to place each item in the cartons to ensure that maximum safety is achieved.  Our packing teams are comprised of the best, and we handle your items as if they’re our own.

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Dad’s Moving And Storage
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We know from experience that no two moves are identical, and in relocating your loved ones and belongings, there are unique needs to take into account.  As a family owned enterprise we understand, and work harder to cater to your needs, to make sure you get started on the right foot.


Whether a new ambassador is being posted, teachers coming out to Asia for the first time, or NGOs looking to get supplies into difficult areas, we’ve done it all.  We bring decades of combined experience in moving people and possessions in, out, and around the Philippines.

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