We live in a world that needs our help.

Daily we are surrounded by scenes of poverty and deprivation – children abandoned by parents, old and infirm individuals living under bridges and capable, hard working citizens striving unsuccessfully to scratch out a meager existence.

These problems seem larger than all of us, but on the other hand, if we each do our own little share, we can start to heal some of the wounds that exist in our society.

I have long believed that we all have an obligation to help; particularly those of us who have been lucky enough to attain some measure of economic success in our lives.

At Dad’s Moving and Storage, Inc., we take this responsibility seriously.

We assist with food distribution to impoverished areas, particularly when Mother Nature wrecks havoc through unwanted and unexpected typhoons and earthquakes. We also assist at the pediatric ward of the Manila General Hospital where youngsters daily battle life threatening diseases which cannot be treated in provincial institutions.

We are always eager to lend a helping hand when we are able.

In fact, we contribute to a variety of worthwhile causes, all of which genuinely need our help and all of which are more than deserving charities. Unfortunately, we cannot solve all of the problems that surround us, but we can certainly try to chip away at some of them; little by little day by day until we bring a ray of sunshine into an otherwise dark and dreary life. A kind smile and a helping hand are essential if others are to fully enjoy the rich and colorful lives with which we have been truly blessed.

One of the projects in which we take particular pride, is our work with street children who have been abandoned and in many cases abused by society. These children are generally very young, and we help place them in a peaceful, loving environment where they are nurtured back to normalcy by wonderful, kind, loving individuals who have dedicated their lives to making a difference.

The children are clothed and fed. They are put back into the school system and encouraged to learn. They are introduced to team sports and given an opportunity to excel both physically and academically. Daily, these lives are made a little brighter and daily, the hurt and pain of abuse is washed away and replaced with a healthy perspective of the future, and the wonderful promise it holds.

We are proud to be a contributing member of society, and we take great delight in every success story that emerges from our efforts. You see, we’re not just a company that moves individuals around the world, but rather we are a group of healthy, happy human beings that are able to reach out and make the world a slightly better place to live.

When you use Dad’s Moving & Storage, Inc. you too contribute to this effort. Please assist us by choosing Manila’s premier Moving & Storage company – one with a professional team of staff members, and one with a well defined sense of social conscienceness.

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