Anyone can take some old newspapers or a few sheets of tissue paper and wrap it around a small item and place it a cardboard box. That doesn’t take a lot of intelligence or skill. In fact, people do it all the time.

What sets our teams apart, is the patience and skill to carefully package each item in state of the art materials, designed specifically for each of the items in question, and then to know instinctively how and where to place each item in the cartons to ensure that maximum safety is achieved.

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It’s not just the preparation of each carton that is important, but also how all of those cartons are eventually stowed in the steamship container or lift-vans. The proper loading of a container is an art form in and of itself. Obviously, the heavy items have to be on the bottom, and the lighter items on top, but one must also consider the movement of the container during the arduous sea voyage from origin to destination ports. Any shifting of the goods as the vessel pitches and yawls on the ocean surface, can cause serious damage to the contents and risk an expensive claim once the goods are finally unpacked at your new home at destination.

At Dad’s the proper packing and loading of your goods is second nature. Our teams are taught to perform these tasks in such a way that the correct procedures are automatic to them. As are other precautions. For instance, before loading, each container and/or lift-van is carefully inspected to ensure that they are completely water-tight. Nothing causes more damage than a small leak which allows water to penetrate the cartons and encourage mildew and mold as the containers experience a variety of extreme temperature changes along the way.

That’s why every precaution is taken to ensure that the shells of shipping containers are clean and dry before loading. It’s also why an abundance of silica gel is used throughout the packing process, and why special moisture absorbing strips are carefully placed at the door of each container to ensure that your goods travel in a safe, secure environment throughout the transit process, and that everything arrives safe and sound at the other end.

There is a lot more to professional packaging than one might assume. At Dad’s, we have taken an everyday activity, and perfected it to a fine art. Please rest assured that you are in good hands when our men are on the job. All of our employees are bonded, and have years of experience in the skills of their trade.

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